The Festival

After the inaugural Mile 0 Fest, in Key West, FL and countless rave reviews from bands, critics, reporters, and most importantly, the fans, the Mile 0 Fest has turned from the "must see" 2018 freshman festival to the "can't miss festival of the year", and we are continuing to grow.  Fans of the burgeoning Red Dirt & Americana music scene will be blown away by our star-studded lineup in The 2nd Annual Mile 0 Fest.  Mile 0 Fest is more than just a festival, it is an experience. You will be pampered by the luxury and charm of Key West, who's dining and night life lives up to the highest standards.

Take in the big shows at Truman Waterfront Park Amphitheater, a state-of-the-art facility located blocks off of Duval street, or get into a stripped down acoustic set with your favorite musicians at one of the venues we have reserved around Key West.

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The Artists

Check out these awesome lineups over the years! The popularity of Red Dirt music continues to soar far beyond its Oklahoma and Texas roots. Like our first event, the next Mile 0 Fest will feature powerhouse performers whom you, the fans, have known and loved for years. Festival-goers will also be treated to acoustic sets from up-and-comers in the fast-growing Red Dirt scene. New artists are being added to our performance roster constantly, so be sure to check our social media and download our app to stay updated on the latest.

Here are Mile 0 Fest's  frequently asked questions.  If you have any other questions, comments, or concerns don't hesitate to ask us... we area here to help.

Key West Florida

Your trip to the Mile 0 Fest won’t be complete unless you step beyond the stages and experience the unequalled entertainment that is Key West. With its world-famous sunsets and fishing, exquisite natural beauty, legendary night life, historical architecture, museums, local artists and more, it’s no wonder that the island town has been one of the top tourist spots in the country for decades.

Self-described as “close to perfect; far from normal,” Key West prides itself on its quirky residents and unique multicultural history, featured against a laid-back beach lifestyle that manages to be relaxing and exciting at the same time. For festival goers and night owls, many of the bars and restaurants are open until 4 a.m. You’ll want to make stops by some of the town’s famous bars – Smokin’ Tuna, Sloppy Joe’s, Durty Harry’s, Irish Kevin’s, Southernmost Beach Resort and more -- where many of our festival artists will be performing.


Mile 0 Fest is new and improved for 2019! We brought more music from your favorite artist along with a Tuesday night pre-party stage on Duvall street. We also reserved more venues for your favorite artist to perform along with adding more hotel options. There is now new perks with the passes and packages options that includes a new "Pirates Package" featuring unlimited access to the mile 0 tram and access to the pirates only sunset cruise with one of out musicians. We also improved transportation options for all package buyers plus more excursions! Buy your passes today to enjoy all the new upgrades 2019 has to offer!

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People are Talking!

“One of the best parts about Mile 0 Fest was how well organized the festival was from the moment you landed on the island.  Upon arriving, we were provided with easy to read festival maps and guides, shuttle schedules, lists of places to eat and things to do, and plenty of ways to connect with fellow music fans through easy to navigate schedules and on time set times. For all of the hardships that the Mile 0 Fest encountered, such as the devastating hurricane that threatened the hotels and condos hosting the event staff and attendees, to the construction timeline of the Truman amphitheater, this festival not only lived up to all expectations, it exceeded them. ”  Read More>>

— ALLISON HOCKING, 95.9 FM, The Ranch —

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ALLISON HOCKING, 95.9 FM, The Ranch 95.9 FM The Ranch

“Mile 0 Fest wasn’t just a success logistically for a first year festival, you could count it as the envy of many festivals that have been around for years and are still trying to figure out certain issues such as long lines for entry and beer, and just not thinking of simple creature comforts that make the festival-going experience a breeze where the focus is on the music, not everything else. And despite no real major lines, Mile 0 Fest was well-attended. There was room to grow, but during the headliner sets on the respective nights, it was packed in front of the stage, but still some room behind if you wanted to hang back.” Read More>>

— TRIGGER, Savingcountrymusic.com —

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TRIGGER, Savingcountrymusic.com Saving Country Music

“As flawless as the event seemed to be on the fan side of the stage, it’s difficult to imagine things were as smooth behind the scenes for an event with as many moving parts as a first year, multi-day, multi-venue festival. But for anyone familiar with the work and reputation of Robert Gallagher, such a pristine presentation isn’t shocking. Directing traffic backstage, the longtime, former entertainment director of Billy Bob’s Texas in Fort Worth could often be seen by the audience working his magic.

Almost without exception, each performance included some sort of shout-out to the festival’s organizers for a well-run event. With deposits already being put down for next year’s Mile 0 Fest even before a lineup has been announced, it seems as though the Texas country tourism calendar has a new, mandatory set of marks for years to come.” Read More>>

— Kelly R Dearmore, Guidelive.com —

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Kelly R Dearmore, Guidlive.com Guide Live