Erik Oftedahl Artist Page

Erik Oftedahl


It started with one slicing inspiration, a passion to reach out with his music and his voice, to use song to help those around him struggling with some of the same everyday challenges that often make us feel alone.
Cities, states, and more than a decade later, armed with his guitar and a mission to connect, Erik Oftedahl has taken his unique style of songs to the open road. Tapping into both life experiences and just about any album he could get his hands on, Erik has been delivering the kind of heartfelt, soulful performances that leave packed houses clamoring for more.
With a strong base of folk, blues, and roots this powerful indie folk singer/songwriter has crafted a unique sound of his own. Carrying influences from artists such as Ani Difranco, Ray Lamontagne, Gregory Alan Isokav, Martin Sexton,and Ryan Adams, just to name a few, Erik Oftedahl isn't bound by genre, but broadened with a deep appreciation of the way all kinds of music can reflect the diversity of the human spirit.
Using his profound gift for storytelling, rhythmic strumming patterns and a genuine message, Erik Oftedahl gives everything he has while performing, and leaves it there for all to bring with them.

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