Mile 0 Fest has the best fans in the world! It's our community that brings us back every year and keeps us going strong! Meet some of our repeat offenders, new arrivals, and some of the Mile 0 Fest team!

Over the past eight years, we've formed a community of Red Dirt & Americana music lovers that lasts throughout the year. We take our fans into consideration for every decision we make because without all of you, we wouldn't be here!

Cindy's favorite thing about Mile 0 Fest:

 "The line up is always the best! We enjoy our favorites plus get new favorites each year. It is organized and run SO well. I can't say enough about how we love this festival!"


Mary's Favorite Thing about Mile 0 Fest:

"Love the atmosphere and community at the amp. We love going to the various locations during the day and getting to be up close and personal with the artists. Over the years we have been introduced to so many new artists who we continue to see"

Karen's Favorite Thing about Mile 0 Fest:

" someone who has gone to [larger festivals] for 20+ years, it was a pleasure not getting locked out of over capacity venues, enjoying the great weather, and having great food options at all the great bars you partner with."

David's Favorite Thing about Mile 0 Fest:

"Meeting up with friends you have made over the years. Discovering new artists. Being in key West in january and being privileged to be part of the Mile 0 Fest story from the beginning"

Marc's favorite think about Mile 0 Fest:

"Getting to see new (to me!) artists perform live! I came home with so many new favorites! The main stage venue is great! Set up well, amazing restroom facilities. It was so easy, as a newbie, to book my package, then to book my add-ons."

Thank you to ALL of our Fans!